United Snacks – Our Story & What We Do

Lets start at the year Dot. Our founder, Mother and Grandmother Dorothy Visko worked in the food industry for over 60 years. After working as head buyer for one of the countries largest food companies, she started her first company in 1972 producing Dry Roasted peanuts and pork scratchings.


10 years later United Snacks was born. And after several years in the snack industry, Dots son Peter joined forces and from here they began to grow the business, producing corn snacks and potato crisps.


Now we arent proud of everything that started in the 80’s (Bananarama and Cyndi Lauper?) but we have a couple of ‘things’ to be proud of that were both born in the 80‘s. Castle Crisps was our first potato crisp line and ran for over 15 years, but one brand that has survived longer than Kajagoogoo (ask your parents kids!) is Thingies, which began as a 5p and 10p snack…..and guess what, they’re still 10p. As time has passed we have added Happy Snax, the infamous multipack, and Oooo’s to our product line with many more to come! 

After over 20 years of manufacturing ‘Nanny Dot’ decided to enjoy her retirement after 63 years of hard work and dedication in building her legacy. and at this point the company became a 3rd generation family business with Charley and Peter Jnr Joining in 2007 and 2009. Dad and Kids have continued to build the business to exceed all original expectation and a team that produces over 250000 packets of corn snacks a day!

We send more than 1 million packets of corn snacks produced every week to wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets all over the country such as Batleys, Bestway, The co-operative, 99p Stores, Poundland & Poundworld plus many more.

Our team here take great pride in every flavoursome snack we bake and package, and we hope you continue to enjoy our family favourites for years to come.

Welcome to the family!


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