At United Snacks, we serve a range of delicious, healthy, flavoursome, natural, baked snacks that anyone can enjoy!


Pack these in your lunchbox for school or as a quick snack at the workplace!


Healthier snacks made with real, natural ingredients!

At United Snacks, we carry some of the tastiest, most nutritious snacks available. These are the perfect crisp-products available for the serious snacks-vendor. With the proper baking procedure, these are the healthy snacks of choice for you. Whether you’re stocking for newsagents, vending machines or supermarkets, these snacks will still do the job. We welcome all businesses even the most demanding of snack vendors to try out our products. You will love this setup, we guarantee.

We Are Constantly Changing to Improve!

Reduced Salt and fat

We are always reviewing the fat, salt and sugar content contained in our snack foods. So you can rest easy, knowing that what your children are enjoying, is also of no detriment to their health!

Vegan Snacks

Vegan snacks for kids are not as difficult to find as you might think! A lot of our range are healthy as well as tasty. There are loads of opportunities to share, whether the snacks come in crisp form, or nut form.

Organic Snacks

We stock plenty of delicious, organic snacks with a good nutrient boost! Super foods to fuel and energise you across the day! Both savoury and sweet organic foods, all of which are good for you!

Gluten Free

We stock plenty of gluten-free snacks! Whether you and the kids are fully gluten-free or simply just cutting-back, we have you covered! And all of these can be appreciated by kids and adults alike!


These come in delicious flavours such as BBQ, Cheese, Onion Rings and Spicy Tomato!


They come in quality flavours such as, BBQ, Cheese, Salt and Vinegar, Onion Rings and Tomato!


These come in quality flavours such as, Curry, Salt and Vinegar, BBQ and Cheese!

The Process

– Step One: Extrusion

Fresh from the crop, this is where the corn, grains, and vegetables are mixed together and transformed from flours and fine powders into light, puffy and crunchy snacks.

– Step Two: Baking

The Snacks are lightly baked to remove moisture and prepare them for the next step! Flavour!

– Step Three: Flavouring

In a huge rotating drum the oil is lightly sprayed onto the product and a variety of seasonings and flavours added.

– Step Four: Packaging

 Each variety of product is then packed individually or into multipacks and boxed, ready to be shipped direct to our customers.

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To All of our wonderful customers,

During the rapidly changing landscape of Covid 19 we want you to know that we are striving to ensure that we provide a safe working environment for all of our team, this is our priority and will remain so as we continue producing.

As food manufacturers we already go above and beyond with regards to hygiene, but we are also observing social distancing to protect our team, additional rigorous hygiene policies and reenforcing the advice of the World Health Organisation and PHE. Walk-in orders at this time are not possible.

There has never been a more important time to work together, as part of the food supply chain our team will endeavour to play our part in keeping production running. You my experience some delays in responses to queries coming through to us, as a family business we are all hands on deck.

I wish you well during this turbulent time, we are in this together as a community so support local businesses, support your corner shops, they will need you the most.

We are United Snacks, We are Family.

Warm Regards,

Peter E Fletcher
Commercial Director
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