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The Next Step

We take great pride in the products we produce here, but we understand its not all tasty flavours and colourful packaging designs! The sun that shines on the corn crops of Argentina and France provides us with the maize and grains to produce our wonderful snacks, while the paper for our cardboard packaging and the oil for our plastic packets all come from the ground beneath us. This is why it is important for us to give something back to this amazing planet we like to call home, we are taking the next step for our future generations.

The reason this is called Sarahs Page will become apparent as you read on but the aim is to highlight a few of the things we do to ensure that we are being responsible and producing as sustainably as we can afford to do. We hope that our customers and consumers will do the same. Think about the glowing yellow fields of corn when you discard your packaging carefully into the recycling bin, we all play our part.

Shetland Pony Rescue

Not far from our Family Snacktory (this is short for Snack Factory!) on the winding lanes of a little village called Hale is a small Farm filled with animal life, but these lives didnt all have a happy beginning. The Shetland Pony Rescue began as a rescue home for unwanted Pony’s and has grown into a shelter for all kinds of farm yard animals. With the care and love of Sarah and her team these animals are provided with a second chance at life and its the work Sarah does that inspired us to dedicate this page to her farm, to everyone that helps and demonstrates the true meaning of giving back.

You’ll be pleased to know its not just you that gets to enjoy our tasty snacks, we can class goats, pot bellied pigs and a few ducks amongst our loyal customers too! We have been donating all of our surplus corn snacks to the farm for many years to be used as feed for all of the animals and they’re always gratefully received! I bet you cant eat a packet of Thingies as quick as a goat can! The Shetland Pony rescue rely on donations like this in order to survive, so if you would like to donate in any way please do contact us on our contact page and we will be sure to let Sarah know. We hope the work they do can inspire you to do something helpful for someone else.

Doing the right thing

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. Thats why its important for us to always do the right thing when it comes to our waste. All of our waste packaging is collected separately and taken to specialist companies to be recycled again. We are working towards ISO certification which means we have a vested interest in our impact and what we can do to reduce this. We are constantly updating our facilities and machinery to make them run more economically and greener. Join our Facebook and tell us the great things you are doing to help the environment!

Local Sports Teams

We supported a variety of Local sports teams bot young and old. We have been proud sponsor of the Halton Hornets for several years, watching the dedication and physical ability of their under 18’s team grow from strength to strength. We recently awarded their player of the year with a support package to aid his professional development including nutritional support and annual gym membership.